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Playing pool was the overriding passion in Jack's life, playing in the local rooms in Phoenix, Arizona. Working in construction gave him the chance to travel and play in most of the western United States. Jack played and placed in the World Nine Ball Championship held at Terry Stonier's in Sacramento, finishing third behind legends Keith McCready and Larry Hubbard (co-founder of American Poolplayers Association) Jack was also invited to play in the prestigious Barry Behrman's US Open 9 Ball and One Pocket Championship.

Jack's desire to build cues began in the 1960s when Gus Szamboti built him a beautiful (and playable) custom cue with a heart inlay. He turned this desire into a full time vocation and in March 2003 was inducted as a voting member in the American Cuemakers Association.

Jack's state-of-the-art shop is located in the middle of a hay field in western Montana. This peaceful setting gives him more time and inspiration to design and create each one-of-a-kind cue. All cues are made using the finest woods and materials available. John Madden Cues meet the highest standards for quality, construction and workmanship as required by the American Cuemakers Association. John Madden Cues also meet another standard, that of the player. As a player, Jack knows the "hit" of a cue and all John Madden Custom Cues have the "hit".

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